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Klaine AU | Kurt needs a new model for his upcoming line, but his model never showed up, and his deadline is fast approaching. Rachel tells him that he should just pick someone up from the street - this is how he meets Blaine Anderson, the dorky, but really sexy college student, with a big heart, and surprisingly, with a lot of insecurities.

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Klaine Hiatus Challenge:

17. Klaine Episode I Was Excited For The Most

3x05 “The First Time”

I wish I’d been in fandom for this.

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who knows which song is tattooed on kurt’s arm?;)

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When Blaine wants to kiss Kurt.

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Klaine Week 2014: Missing Moment in Season 5
↳ Behind the curtains.

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Forever a headcanon of mine is that Kurt’s pretty good with the pencil, since he’s done fashion design and we know he’s a doodler, so this probably happens sometimes. 

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